FTT Rolls Out a New Line of Fully-Automated Ferrators®

FTT is proud to announce a brand-new line of Ferrators that have more automation, a new storage and dosing tank design, a Ferrate injection system, and a new Ferrate monitoring system that provides secondary confirmation of the Ferrate being injected into the customer’s treatment stream on a real-time basis. These new machines, with the push of a button, will synthesize Ferrate, store it for continuous use, and then inject the Ferrate into the treatment stream at the plant’s required dose. The fully-automated control system can also be tied directly into a plant’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, which allows the plant to remotely monitor and control the Ferrator system. These machines are capable of treating waters with flow rates up to 115 MGD (based on a 2-ppm Ferrate dose), and are built using high quality commercial-grade components.

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