Colin Bailey, Chairman


1966 John Dalton College, Manchester, England
Chemical Engineering Degree


1964 – 66 CO-OP Company England
Flavor Development Chemist, for soft drinks, wines and spirits

1966 – 70 Shell Oil Company England
Plant Support Engineer

1970 – 71 Donald McPherson Company Ltd England
Chemical Engineer Paint Division, design and operation of resin plant

1971 – 98 Calgon Carbon Corporation Pittsburgh PA USA
Calgon Carbon is the world’s largest producer of granular activated carbon, with sales of over $400 million. Activated carbon is used to purify liquids and gasses in a vast array of municipal and industrial markets. Major markets include drinking water, wastewater and corn sweeteners.  Calgon Carbon is publicly traded on the NYSE.

1971 – 73 Salesmen for UK, Holland, and Scandinavia
Opened a sales office and developed a customer base in virgin territory.

1973 – 76 Project Manager based in Brussels Belgium
Responsible for citing and building a new plant for producing activated carbon in Europe. This was a $30 million investment for the Corporation.

1976 – 78 Marketing Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa, based in Brussels Belgium
Responsible for developing new business, and maintaining existing business in the territory. Also introduced the wastewater service business to the European market following its successful introduction in the U.S.

1978 – 81 Marketing and Sales Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, based in Brussels
Responsible for all marketing and sales in the territory, including gross margin management.

1981 – 85  Managing Director Europe, Middle East, and Africa, based in Brussels Belgium
Complete P & L, and Balance Sheet responsibility, including sales, marketing, technical and manufacturing (in Belgium and UK). Sales $30 million with a 100 personnel.

1986 Principal – Calgon Carbon Corporation Leveraged Buyout
I was part of a team of four colleagues who raised $110 million and completed a leveraged buyout of Calgon’s activate carbon business from parent Merck Sharpe and Dohme. The prime lender in this LBO was Bankers Trust ($51 million), the mezzanine floor was made up of Teachers Insurance ($9.5 million) and Travelers Insurance ($25 million), while Merck took $10 million of paper and the balance was comprised of a $5 million note and preferred stock. Our group retained 55% of the equity, and the five of us formed the Board of the new Company along with two outside Directors. At closing, on April 1, 1985, we had engineered one of the most highly leveraged management buyouts at 98% debt and 2% equity in history.  We focused entirely on cash flow.

Two years later we successfully completed an IPO on NASDAQ, paid off all of our lenders and the $10 million note to Merck. A year later we moved to the NYSE. I quickly learned the Public Company requirements of handling analysts and analyst meetings.

1986 – 92 Senior Vice President International, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Moved from Brussels to Pittsburgh PA, USA, and assumed responsibility for all operations outside of the USA, including our Japanese JV.

1988 Led an acquisition of the activated carbon and charcoal business of Degussa Germany, a $40 million acquisition. They had two manufacturing plants, and 200 employees. Then integrated the merger into the European business operations.

1992 – 94 Chief Operating Officer, Pittsburgh PA
Responsible for all operations worldwide, excluding Finance and R & D.

1994 – 98 President and Chief Executive Officer, Pittsburgh PA
Responsible for all operations worldwide, with sales of $340 million, 1,600 people, and manufacturing plants in USA, Belgium, Germany, UK and Japan.

During my tenure, had to lay off 25% of the workforce worldwide, close one of the German manufacturing plants. Develop a new strategic direction for the Company, and pursue the acquisition of new technologies. I spent $100 million on acquisitions, buying three Companies and their technology, in the areas of UV light, ion exchange and carbon-impregnated cloth.

1998 – PRESENT

Angel, Arc-Angel Investor
Upon retiring from Calgon Carbon, I redeployed the profits earned to become an Angel and Arc-Angel Investor in a number of Companies in the USA and Europe. In several of these companies, I have taken an active advisory and operating role. The following Companies have been successfully sold:

All-Hotels, one of the first web sites for booking Hotels worldwide on the web. The company was based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Web site:

Total Distribution System Ltd is a web-enabled booking engine used by hotels for package holidays, and control of their unsold inventory. This Company was successfully sold into hotel reservations provider Pegasus, a NYSE Company.

Also, I have invested in and am building equity for the following Companies:

Membrane Technologies and Research
Investor and Chairman of the Board, Menlo Park, CA
A specialty membrane Company for gas phase applications, $50 million in sales, with 100 employees.  Website:

Major investor, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Gettysburg, PA
A paper coatings Company with a range of patented products for the replacement of wax and polyethylene. Website:

Ferrate Treatment Technologies
Investor and Chairman, Orlando, FL
Start up, with patented technology to produce Ferrate for potable and wastewater treatment.  Website: