About Us

Ferrate Treatment Technologies, LLC (“FTT”) was founded to invent, develop, and commercialize innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies based on its proprietary iron chemistry platform. Today, FTT owns a worldwide patent portfolio controlling the most powerful, multi-use, and environmentally friendly wat
er treatment technology known. Ferrate, or Iron (VI), is a supercharged iron molecule surrounded by four oxygen atoms.

Before FTT, there had been no successful commercialization of Ferrate treatment, despite numerous efforts. Commercial use had been limited by seemingly unsolvable problems related to manufacturing costs and product instability. Prior commercialization efforts were based on the production of a dried, packaged product that was too expensive to deliver in industrial quantities. By eliminating the storage, handling, and transportation overheads required for a pre-packaged product, FTT cut traditional Ferrate deployment costs by more than 85%.

FTT unlocked Ferrate’s vast commercial potential by inventing an on-site synthesis method that reduced production steps from 23 to five. For the very first time, bulk quantities of liquid Ferrate can be manufactured at any treatment site using a Ferrator. Ferrate is synthesized on-site utilizing existing bulk chemical feedstocks, which are available at most plants. Liquid Ferrate can be injected directly into a process stream without special handling or mixing equipment. As the low-cost manufacturer by a wide margin, FTT is ideally positioned to offer Ferrate technology throughout municipal and industrial water treatment applications worldwide.