World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011

The World Economic Forum selected Ferrate Treatment Technologies for the 2011 Class of Technology Pioneers – 31 of the most innovative technology start-up companies from around the world. It is noteworthy that FTT is the only Advanced Water Treatment company that has ever been selected as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. These companies represent the cutting edge in innovation and are poised to have a critical impact on the future of business, industry and society.

“The identification of the Technology Pioneer companies is the result of a vigorous selection process, for which the Forum received more than 330 applications from around the world, and that were evaluated by 68 global technology experts. This year, the Forum received the widest range ever of country of origin, with 13 countries represented: Australia, Canada, India, Israel, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Nigeria, People’s Republic of China, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Over half of the Technology Pioneers are from the United States, underscoring the country’s position as a leading incubator for innovation.” (

The World Economic Forum is an independent, non-profit foundation whose motto is “entrepreneurship in the global public interest.” They believe “that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is not feasible.

FTT’s CEO Discussing Innovation and Global Water Treatment

The World Economic Forum’s Press Release About The Technology Pioneers

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